How to build the everlasting power source

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Breaking News : Egyptian Inventor Invents a New Source of Clean Energy
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Movie shows how the Everlasting Power Look Like

inventor from Egypt and i invented

Permanent magnet perpetual engine  
Patent Number : GB2485625

I have discovered new way to produce
electricity from magnetic power
And this power source can provide clean energy
This invention which name Everlasting Power
Can be the solution for all world problems
Like Pollution and Global warming
I know it sounds crazy breaking all Laws of motion for
Newton but I succeeded in theory using faraday laws
Making new device Can make power from nothing.
To use the magnetic power to make forever electric power
My idea is really new and will change the world as you know
It’s look like the Particle accelerator in the Nuclear reactor
But in my case it’s working forever using permanent magnets

What is the ever lasting power source?

New device general clean and free energy ( Permanent magnet perpetual engine )

The main idea is in a simple method it’s a way to transform the magnet power to mechanical power and from it to an electricity power and my machine shaped from some ring magnetic ·Gathering  side by side ·to make a big empty ring and inside it animate magnet and it will Spin around with no stop and I will put some of wires up on the way of the animate magnet to intersection his bundle lines with the wires and make in the wires high current afterward we can translate to any kind of power
I will use the magnetic attraction and repulsion
To make forever motion
And using this motion with cross Junction between
Insulated wire for electricity Production

How to build the everlasting power??

First you should have many of rings magnet in the same size and the same power
And magnet like a comet small enough to go inside the ring magnets
And wires isolated like the one in the ordinary generator
To build the everlasting power
You will form the ring magnets to form a big circle and placing the wires turned like in the ordinary generator around the path inside the rings to be able to interact with
The comet magnet
And we will place the comet magnet inside the big ring against it’s force
and shut the magnets to combined back again
The magnets ring will make a separate presser on the comet magnet
And push it from one to another with out no stop until the magnets lose his power
Now come the role of the isolated wires to interact with the comet magnet to make high current we can use it any way

How to build the ever lasting power source
First we need Ndfeb Magnets
Neodymium-iron-boron (NIB) magnets – ferrite magnets-
We need about 100 ring Ndfeb Magnets
The north and south poles is in sides the same magnet like we use in the speaker
The magnet ring Force Field will look like this photo
We need many ring magnets like this one to gather them side by side to shape big Vicious circle (empty circle of rings) look at the drawing page fig 2 you will find Horizontal section

The rings must be Equal in Magnetic energy and size
The Force Field for the rings gathering in the empty circle
Will look like this
The arrow head will be the north poles

Also we need Magnet Conical (The comet Magnet)
Hemisphere from the front  and Conical from the end
The red area will be the north poles and the blue the south poles
look at the drawing page fig 1
we will put The comet Magnet in the same force field direction with the rings and because of the
Repulsion between them it will spin inside the
Empty circle of rings with no stop

But in the kind I will use Spiral Conical like this photo

Why I used the comet Magnet?
Because it will cause Difference in pressure
Push forward the comet Magnet inside the empty circle
And force it to spin round and round forever
look at the drawing page fig 3
Of course we will Discharge from the air the empty circle
To prevent the Friction which can cause heat and make the magnets lose it’s power

Inside the empty circle of ring magnets we will put coil of
Insulated wire  ( solenoid  )like this photo
Connected to Steady stream of electricity

Cousing magnatic force field like this photo
And after we put the comet magnet inside it
It will force it to move forward and force it to spin round and round forever
Also because of the Spiral Conical it will make the comet magnet spin around it self
To be out of the earth gravity and to be centered
In the middle of the rings Exactly

The current in the coils  will generate force like this photo
Make the comet magnet spin around it’s self During  sniping inside the big empty circle of rings

To start this device we need to put the comet magnet inside the rings
and connect the Insulated wire To Steady current and to run and get speed
than cut the current and when the comet magnet force field intersect with the wire
will Produces electric current we can use it anyhow
make sure the device is Horizontal for Equal gravity effect
also the wire Insulated like we use in the generators or motors
we should put Wrought iron chips between the rings to Absorb the force
also put Thermal insulator around all the magnets not to lose it’s power

Sure I know that According to Lenz’s Law there
Will be Resistance in the wire Against the comet magnet moves
and I know how to Avoided it but it’s in my no-how secrets
I have make small movie to show you how this device going to work

The Everlasting Power is small, but produces a robust amount of energy
Can’t tell you much about the Everlasting Power now but soon
I will publish all about it in my page

 … To be my gift to mankind

So I need your help to get my idea to the light (save the planet)

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